About Us
“Companies, big or small, irrespective of their activities, need four basic elements to operate: capital, management, product, and market. Of these four elements, three could be readily available to most businesses. Only management makes the difference between success and failure, excellence or mediocrity. Management is not an abstract concept. It is made of flesh, blood, know-how, and experience. That is why we should invest in our present staff because they will be our future managers. Towards this end, we will continue to hire well, train well, pay well and treat well.” Born in 2000, CLASSIC Tec Trading & Building Materials is a forward-looking company focused on building products, brand name AJLAN & CLASSIC that are needed for the 21 st century. CLASSIC is a leading manufacturer and construction products in the region, Serving the best quality in industrial Paint, 2K paint, Synthetic Paint, Nitrocellulose Paint, Emulation Paint, Hardener Lacquer, steel putty, chemical & construction sector.

Commitment to Quality
Our commitment to quality is clearly revealed in the way we do our business; our processes, our close interaction with our clients as well as the strict product inspection procedures. Classic’s family of employees consists of an experienced, well-motivated, and dedicated team. This team is committed to serving our customers with the best products available in the market. CLASSIC consists of 18 team members, and a variety of backgrounds, blended together to achieve the company’s goals of exceeding our client’s expectations The company also prides itself on having a team of well-known executives having a highly-aligned
expertise in the business.